motion graphic of mocked Seymour terminal deployment

Seymour offers open-source, easy-to-configure active monitoring, enabling users to test their API endpoints continuously from globally distributed locations. Seymour measures the availability, latency, and correctness of API endpoint responses, and sends alerts when these don't meet expectations.

I architected and built Seymour as part of a four person remote team utilizing agile project management.

We built Seymour to help engineering teams bolster existing testing approaches and handle the challenges of monitoring their increasingly complex systems. It enables rapid detection of issues in production before users experience them. Seymour's infrastructure is easily deployed to AWS with a short configuration file and two CLI commands.

graphic outlining the full architecture for Seymour

Diagram of the full system architecture for Seymour.


Other Projects

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Snaggl, a RequestBin-like tool for
testing and debugging webhooks
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Trading bot screenshot and equity curve overlay

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written in C# for the NinjaTrader ecosystem

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Node.js, Express, React, Redux, and MongoDB

pic of miles and family

About Me

I was born in Arizona, grew up all over California and Texas, married a wonderful woman from New York and our family now lives in North Carolina.

Three truths and a lie:🤫
1) I have been a backhoe operator
2) I have been a professional ballet dancer 🩰
3) I have bush planed 🛩️ into remote Indonesia
4) I have pets named ‘PDF’ and ‘Dirty Bacon’

When I am not in the "code cave" I try my best to Dad so hard 🤘, stack correctly in a friendly game of ultimate, and go for long reads on the beach.

I have recently been trying to turn my thumb greener, keep our family’s host of pets (🐈🐕🐓🐠🐝) alive, and perfect my “Ambient-Electro-Pirate-Metal” playlist.

If you’re still reading and want to know the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… let’s connect!